Travel Video Contest is now open for submissions!


Before you start the Video upload process, Please read the rules and check that your Video duration at least 4 minuet . Then read the FAQ’S of this page

If you are unable to upload, You can then attachments or send files to the email


You can upload multiple Videos. You will automatically be eligible for the top award and the title ‘Travel Vlogger of the Month’ & ‘Travel Vlogger of the Year.


    What is?

    Tourist Signal is One of the Best travel travel Company in Bangladesh. Similarly, it is the largest E-commerce of travel Category. To inspire the Travel Vlogger and spreading the trends in the Vlogging world, we arrange a Travel Videography competition in every month. Hope it will be helpful for promoting our country as well as focusing the undiscovered beauty among the whole world

    Contest Categories

    Our Video Contest theme is Travel Videography , Travel Documentary , Local Food Videography . Before submit Video please mention your Video category

    Usage & Copyrights

    Copyright of the Videos will always remain at all times with the photographer.
    No other third parties have permission to resold or reused the images. If there is any request for such, we will forward the message or contact details to the Vlogger via e-mail.


    The Contest is open to for all including Bangladeshi Vloggers. There are no maximum & Minimum age restrictions. The Competition of Tourist Signal Video Contest is open to any legal creative residents from the world. it is one of the biggest opportunity to join the largest Travel videography competition in Bangladesh from all over the world.

    Judging Process

    The general procedures of Tourist Signal ensure a fair judging process at all times. Jury members cannot enter the contest in the year they are judging. In all categories, juries must award a first, second and third prize.

    Fees And Prizes

    There is no additional cost to participate in the Tourist Signal Video Contest. It is open for all. The prizes will be selected by the Tourist Signal Team. It could be a Travel Gears, Exciting Trip, Air Tickets  & Certificates. Though the event link will describe the details as it varies from months to months..

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